The trees are bare, I can see through the bushes, not a green leaf in sight!  It is winter, it is February, and yet the sun shines and there is a lovely warmth on my skin.  My daughter is wearing a totally inappropriate outfit for the season, but today I do not tell her to get changed because she might get cold, today I would not even believe myself if I said it is not Summer!


I should probably be worrying about why we are having such an unseasonably warm February, concerning myself with climate change and how I can do my bit to fight this.  I should be thinking about the knock-on effects of this lovely warm day on farming, on the ecosystem, and the environment in general.

Instead of wondering why this beautiful day is here, I find myself instead just wanting to make the most of it, drinking in the warm sun and enjoying the world around me.  I spend a little extra time with the horses, whose rugs I have taken off so they too can enjoy the warmth of the sun on their backs.  I sit outside with a cup of tea and listen to the birds sing.


My family really do not seem to appreciate today in the same way I do, my son wants to sit on his Xbox, my daughter wants to watch TV, while my husband catches up on admin on his computer.

There are so many things I should be doing, the washing, clearing up the mess my children have made, etc etc.  All I want to do though is get outside with my family, I want to enjoy every moment together and take advantage of every opportunity to do that, who knows how many sunny days I have left.

So I made them leave their electronics and get out in the fresh air, I ignored their grumbling and forced them to enjoy some old fashioned outdoor fun.  We got on our bikes and did not go anywhere special but we did get some all-important vitamin D, and even better family time together.  These are the things I hope my children remember when they grow up, sunny winter days enjoyed and not wasted.

You see knowing your life will be cut short, and enduring cancer treatment, makes you see things differently.  The housework will still be there for someone to do tomorrow, but the sun might not shine.  I might not feel able to take the dog for a walk, go for a bike ride, play with the horses or any number of other activities we enjoy doing together.  I refuse to waste a moment of feeling well, and days like today remind me to really make the most of every second.


Making the most of things does not mean spending thousands on exotic holidays, or expensive gifts, but just seeing what is around you today and maxing out on that.  Today it was the sunshine, and I totally maxed out on that!

Tomorrow is not promised,  live for today!


Yes, these blue skies and sunshine really are February 2019!!!

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